Broadcast Technical Associates was formed in 1996 by Mark Nolte a broadcast engineering consultant in Las Vegas. Later Station Owner/ Broker David Wagenvoord joined me and we launched BROADCAST4SALE.COM.  It was Daves Idea to take a behind the scenes business like selling radio stations in secret, to just puting them publicly on the internet for all to see. At that time this was never done because if your current advertisers knew you were for sale. they would wait to see the changes in new management. Everything is about relationships, your confidence to deliver them business. Station revenues were at risk if you were for sale. Within 6 months we picked up the national endowment for the arts looking to buy a station in Salinas CA. I had six stations and Dave had six stations. We sold our stations and became hunters of new stations we could sell. Of the many deals the most spectacular was KMPC Los Angeles for Paul Allen to Radio Korea Paul Sohn. This took six months to fix the station and sold for 33 million. In 25 years I have lost a few good associates. John Furr, Delvis Kidwell, Bill Fox, Patrick C. Clary, John B. Kenkle, Larry Cheney, Jim Tipton, David Wagenvoord, Robert Rooks, all partners and associates we have lost to age and natural causes. I am 60 and never expected to live to 21. Without a few of my mentors, We still are a good team. Many times, My counsel becomes your counsel, My CPA becomes your CPA, My engineers become yours, My sellers become your sales trainers, My friends become your friends once you get to know us.

To reach Mark by phone text MARK @ 702.327.6256

I will call you back as soon as possible.

If you can text me ahead of your call, I can make time for your call. 


Broadcast Technical Associates, LLC 

41 Columbia Ave.


Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

Today we represent buyers and sellers in the area of broadcast station sales, but with the intent to work with broadcast owners in areas of Branding, Marketing and Station Engineering. Nobody wants to throw good money after bad. We sell fewer stations and concentrate helping our clients keep their stations and stay competitive. Our consulting company grew out of an idea that a background in Engineering with experience upgrading and moving stations into other markets gives the ability to see the forest for the trees. When owners are losing money it is not easy to see advantages.

We enjoyed 10 great years of selling followed by a media crash October 2007. The market changes everyday. Investors are hard to come by, Selling or Buying, many times we find owner financed deals. We have $100 solutions for $1000 problems and $1000 solutions to the big ones. Call me Mark @ 702.327.6256.   

Since its formation in 1997, Our company has advised clients in millions of dollars in radio and television sales. Most of our clients have felt comfortable with us representing both the buyer and the seller in their various stages of transactions. Our unique sales process of internet based marketing transparency has worked well for our clients repeatedly over the past 15 years.

There is no government regulation of brokering, Brokering is about relationships. Many times the buyers offer to little and sellers want too much. We can find middle ground and everyone makes money. For us the proof is in the repeat business...and all of our clients have either done repeat business with us or indicated they would be happy to do more business with us now or in the future. Our expertise is in the evaluation of the upgrade potential and operation of stations, adds value for our buyers and keeps our sellers from leaving money on the table.

In today's streaming media climate, Pay tv is on the decline. Over the Air TV is coming back with digital upgrades giving more channels to sell. It takes creativity to put together buyers and sellers at a fair price with which both parties will be happy. Whether it is radio or television, cable or computer communications, at least one of our partners has the experience to successfully complete the transaction. We specialize in selling the first time buyers. 

The secret to my success then and now is my lifetime love and experience in electronics, everybody loves an arc-r-sparker fix anything Angus MacGyver type. If it does not come off the top shelf, I can find it for you. I can filter truth and reality before the money runs out. Gill Garcia of Hicks Communications (now Clear Channel) exaggerated my skills and recommended me for KIXK Dallas my first major market job. I loved that experience and still owe Gill credit for his confidence.

As far back as 1983, I and Lee Rohden with Texas Oil and Gas, Filed 3 FM 80-90 drop-ins, Lubbock, Canyon, Bastrop, TX and Ben Wollery in Columbus, KS (family hometown). Texas Apps all failed but the Kansas deal was granted. We operated KCCU until it sold for $67K. At the time it seemed like a deal. The financial responsibility of station ownership changed the direction of my life. I was a Broadcaster beyond the Columbus experience. I spent a few years in the Two Way/Cellular Biz away from broadcast for perspective and planning.

1985 Jim Ray bought KOKE AM and KGNB/KNBT New Braunfels...I will still bet on Jim Ray today. Bobby Mack (Bob McDonald) burned into my mind one phrase "You cant own a will cost you $250 thousand just to flip the switch...then how are you going to (staff it) run it!" I was angry and could not have been so motivated to prove him wrong...and did so in Hobbs, NM...again...and again...and again...and again....and again...the rest would be bragging but you get the idea. At some moment in life, every business person would like to keep score of their success. My skill in selling technical consulting services and my experience in acquiring construction permits helped me promote investors to build those permits. Popularity of broadcasting made good deals harder to create to the point of getting stuck as a small market owner. Marketing stations, the daily business of Advertising, ultimately, a greedy wife led the desire to sell those stations.

My Broker experience led me first to Norman Fischer and Associates in Austin, Texas. I worked for Bill Fox as a bird-dog (looking for stations that could be for sale). Bill would list them after I would cold call station owners with free engineering work to fix the stations prior to sale. I was able to negotiate better deals direct with the owners, as only a station engineer, John Barger with John Furr and Associates (Clear Channel) was my indirect mentor. He would crack "Nolte always gets the good stuff!" In the late 90s John Lauer with Force Communications and David Wagenvoord used me to bird-dog clients. Dave always said "Your best customer is always your best customer." Fifteen years of Broadcast Brokerage AM FM and LPTV station sales. We Broker, Co-Broker, Consult both Technical and Marketing strategies. We will help you, not go broke. Call Mark at: 702.327.6256. We also specialize in acquisitions from bankruptcy.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Carrizo Springs, TX 25KW on 92.1FM with tower site and land
Non-profit needs cash Asking $150K Firm for the license and Rent is $400 per month at the tower site. At some time in the near future the land at the tower is $50K once you have paid for the station. The station needs everything needs everything but this is a great opportunity in a beautiful part of Texas.
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Friday, May 29, 2020

My next life project is in Palm Springs, CA we are building new TV Studios for Two years ago we bought property on Ebay in Lake Elsinore. I have a one bedroom condo in Laguna Niguel. I am launching after some 16 years. VHFtv. is classic movies and TV shows from the public domain. I used to watch an independent TV station in Joplin, Mo. playing movies all night like Frankenstien, Dracula, and Godzilla. Few people realize we have had more than 100 years of fantastic cinema, more and more is falling into public domain soo many great actors and actress's productions and early special effects. Watching Smiling Jack episodes of war times in China is film making 75 years ago. A Movie window to a place in history. I just can't get enough and I want a way to share it. is produced by Broadcast Technical Associates,LLC. will air in Palm Springs,Ca, Key West,FL and Las Vegas, NV. Later Incline Village/ Reno and Mesquite/ St. George, UT.
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Monday, August 5, 2019

KAKZ Channel 4.1,2,3,4 VHF- LD new gear great tower site
No studio but complete studio gear in Storage to included in the deal. It's Digital 4 channels with Programming. AZTECA, News, Movies and more. Was marketed popular local station but Owner passed away and family sold the real estate. Tower site has two years under $500 per month great money maker for the right guy. SOLD 
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Saturday, April 20, 2019

KOLE Port Arthur, TX 1340

Legondary station 1KW day and night good coverage needs a tune up Asking $400K with term to the right person.

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Saturday, February 23, 2019

KIJR-LD Channel 30 Palm Springs, CA

Digital build one channel HD can upgrade to 30KW at the right location Asking $375K

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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Las Vegas LPTV 35 Digital
$1.7M FIRM four channels digital can move to Black Mountian. SOLD
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Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Grace and Peace SOLD

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Key West Florida LPTV on the air.

I have history with this one. $35K firm all cash on any deals with seller. SOLD

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Mesquite, NV LPTV Construction Permit

Held by a long time friend there is a possibility to revive a second channel if you act fast. was originally three channels but time get everybody one station could stay in town and one move to Mt Ella with a move into St. George, UT $15K firm

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Florida AM can move-in to Tampa

WZHR Zephyrhills, Florida 1000 day 1000 night on a rented tower. Currently co-located with WDCF in rented studios. Owner passed away 2014. I found a great location 10 miles closer to Tampa. Asking $400K.

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