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 This is not a complicated business. First you need a Girl and a Gun then a Great looking wagon with something to sell. This Idea still works and it is what built America.

In Radio FDR had Fireside chats TRUMP has tweets to get past the gate keepers and connect with the masses. Television has something few know about and nobody is using.

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ten Keys to making money in media.

Experience life like it wont be there next week.

Successful Key Career moments will come as often as you recognize that and when, God blesses
you with an opportunity you cant explain with logic. Your trust (called faith) in his
acting on your behalf, this comes from you recognizing Gods grace to you is from his
finished works an now your favor (its handy to make a list in your wallet)...write a list when you
receive career favors, the ones when you cant figure where the favor comes from.
Also remember everything that has ever been professed in the Bible, and later came true
is proof that more will come from God, even in todays time and life. nearly all of my friends
I started with have risen to fame, but not fortune in broadcasting. Many have since quit or passed
away with broken dreams.

The first fifteen years of my career I worked like a dog, hard work as a single guy.
From year Ten to Fifteen as a family man. Never more than $60k a year.

Here is Ten Keys for making money in Media. Beside the fact you know everything else.

One Law in Media: Only Station owners ever make money, ever. no exceptions.
I was a tool box engineer DJ guy with tower climbing nerves and transmitter repair skills all
self taught but not a dime to my name.

First Key: Help enough other people get what they want and you will get what you want.

Second Key: You swim where the big fish swim. Go to a market with money. Top 100.

Third Key: KXYZ, Write a business plan to build or purchase and run a station of your own."
Even if its only an internet station.

Fourth Key: "Become an expert on creating from scratch and maintaining Station public files"
learn every rule including political rules. Everything is in "The Public and Broadcasting a
procedural manual" this book is the first file folder in all broadcast station public files,
and it has all the rules in it. All the files are found @ except local EAS
plans. You have to have and can copy this from any other station if you ask them for a copy
of their EAS statewide plan. Say you need it for a college class. Self study to learn
everything you can about this website. Pick a station and kindly ask to see their
public files. Watch them bring out cookies and milk and a smile from the Big Guy boss. Be
nice, not nosey. Just say, you are a citizen interested in public affairs programs and need a
copy of their Statewide Emergency Alert System Plan. They are allowed by law to charge you
for copies but they wont mind if you are nice about it.

Fifth Key: "Its easier to promote investment money from partners than to barrow from a bank"

Sixth Key: "If you need one partner, take two plus and you. NEVER outside of true trusting
partners, only philosophically like-minded partners."

Seventh Key: "Find a stand alone AM radio station run by a single owner operator and learn
how he makes money. "Any body can pay millions to buy an FM station and use it like a
personal jukebox toy. We dont do windows and we dont do free!"

Eighth Key: "Selling is nothing more than being a professional promotion buddy and friend responsible for recruiting new customers for people that
run their own businesses. They must trust and must count on you, and your ideas to bring them
customers." Learn two good pitches that work from memory, a full 10 step ten minute pitch and
an elevator pitch, three focused points less than 60 seconds...".we both make money so lets
make it happen."...shake their hand and go.

Ninth Key: There are dozens of AM stations for sale under $60K. Develop a plan to find Six
partners @ $10k each and start now trying to save at least $10k on your own. Any signal is a
voice in a market regardless if its AM, FM, TV, LP, Internet, or a big fat light bulb in the
sky with coverage in a market it will have audience. "Nothing that you are doing now, is as
important as, your savings account having $10K in it, owning and learning, a copy of Palo
Alto software Business Plan Pro 12."

Tenth Key: "You got the Degree already, your break into Broadcasting is as an owner, not a
toolbox tower monkey DJ type like me." Any job under being the boss is just using you until
you get tired and move up the market rungs. If you trip along the way nobody helps you get
back up.

Understand that serving God and making a million dollars in Media so you can serve him better
makes you important and rare....Very rare.

If you get this far and still need help call me on my cell 727.389.9151

Grace and Peace,
Mark Nolte

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