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Saturday, April 20, 2019

The pigs at the trough

It's funny how everybody thinks that if we all just went back to running broadcast stations without computers or hired all of our old friends back whom have been forced to retire because of downsizing and consolidation. 

Things would be great again!!! 

I think broadcasting of the past was powerful with little competition. Like a Utopia and our memory of when we were younger ignores the new  marketplace increasing competition. I do agree that corporate culture has changed the way we do business, And there's many more of us.

Clearly we do have an obligation to our stockholders and investment partners. It's not easy to have conversation when the numbers aren't good.

We have weathered unbelievable economic storms but yet now in the presence of a vibrant economy growing and adding jobs everyday. 

We just don't have an excuse for losing money? Is that really a fair question?

Here is one factor to think about every sector of the economy has been bludgeoned by a new reality "e-commerce."

I'm not in the excuse business but look at the numbers for entertainment value.  

Google $111 billion, Amazon $178 billion, Apple $93 billion, Facebook $41 billion, Tencent $22 billion, Alibaba $16 billion,

Netflix $12 billion, Priceline $11 billion, Baidu $11 billion, salesforce.com $9 billion, jd.com $38 billion.

Just for fun let's look at the largest media outlet in America iHeartRadio $6 billion in revenue $18 billion in a leveraged buyout 10 years ago and now they're in bankruptcy. There might be somebody bigger but....lf you know where the oxygen is do me a favor and message me if you have found some breathable atmosphere.

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