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Monday, August 5, 2019

Every story matters to God, what’s your story ?

Tell your story. Your best story would be to share your life. Here is how you write and publish your book. This is going to sound kind of lazy on my part but one of my trIcks is I think about an outline of what I want to cover in what section of my book and I write down that outline before I sleep when I wake up I review the outline, with more settled thoughts. I get to work and Then, I have a lot of unaccounted for time. I know other people may not have this much time but I have a pen a pad of paper and my cell phone. the pad of paper as my outline and I go to the Notes application on my cell phone and I dictate my book on the little microphone application every few minutes I’ll stop and save or review what I have dictated to the points in my outline. During my time off on weekends I email  my notes out of my phone and print them out to organize my thoughts to write a second draft. Now, I can edit my words electronically in a word processor and fix my grammar. The worst reality is printing what I have written on paper and trying to read it without getting a headache. I do have a bad habit of writing like I talk and it doesn’t translate into a book format very well. God’s business is the favor and blessing business. As much as God’s story matters, we all have a story and our story matters to God. How do you feel about the guy who gave you the story of You?

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